Soyoung Jung, researcher at M.I.N.D. Lab Wins Top Research Paper at International Communication Conference 2017

Soyoung Jung, a Newhouse Ph.D. student and staff member of the M.I.N.D. Lab, won a top paper award for promising student paper (Best Paper by Student Authors) at the International Communication Association.

The paper is titled “Reciprocity of Inter-Media and Second Level Agenda Setting in the Case of Islamic State of Levant or Al-Sham (ISIS/ISIL/IS).”  A certificate and cash prize will be awarded at the annual conference in San Diego.

This study investigates the reciprocal influence on inter-media and second level agenda setting using the case of ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State (IS) with big data analysis. The big data analysis is demonstrated using a time series analysis, the Granger causality with three different media organizations’ coverage: the amount of coverage from traditional media, the volume of tweets (social media) and official statements from governments regarding ISIS/ISIL/IS.